Do It Again

from by The Color and Sound



I got my neck shaved
You got a reason to live
We both got what we want
You're such a sweet thing
And I'm a bastard
We're both stuck in a rut
So while the calendar thins and you're losing your gripI'll believe it when you say it but know you'll slip
You did it once you'll do it again
You're on fire
You've got a long trip
I've got my reasons to quit
We're only growing apart
So now you're selling your things, learning hard what it means
To get a solid grip on loving anybody but me
The passing of an era, the second hand ticks
But you keep carrying the weight of what you can't fix
But now you're feeling small
When you say my name,
Do you say it the same as when you gave it to me?
Or somewhere along the way
Did it get faded and worn beyond compare and belief
Now it turns out
You saved up enough to outlive me now
You did it somehow.
Saved up enough to get rid of me now


from Peace of Mind, released September 23, 2014


all rights reserved


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