Peace of Mind

by The Color and Sound



released September 23, 2014


all rights reserved


Track Name: Cigarettes
I've been up waiting for the soft and dullish whisper
Hearing it all makes the hair run from my neck
I can assume that you'll forget the rest
Something tells me I fell back a step
One step forward, two steps back again
All my friends are smoking cigarettes
All I can do is whisper my regrets
God bless Holly, Lorde knows she's been well
Sleep deprived and always scared as hell
All you had to say was you were dead,
Or left me doubting anything you speak
All my love, it got in the way
Luck runs short when bills are left unpaid
I am one step short of taking names
Oh everyone we loved has gone away
Track Name: Bad Blood
In a simple way you know me, bad blood
Do not recognize the struggle
Quickly come to torch your mind, quickly come to
It was catatonic sounds, my love,
Nothing coming here to cut you
Reach over and try to pry your hand from mine
So dry your eyes and speak to me
Compose yourself and speak to me
There's so much more to say to me
But we hold things so secretly
You will come to learn to love me
I promise for a long, long, long, long time
We'll spend counting our crimes
I pushed the side of misery
While you were dying to set me free
Oh we're the most peculiar things
We take ourselves so seriously
Track Name: Back To Me
Wear your hair up if that's what you like
Sleep forever, pay no price.
To me there's no one singing
"No I don't feel much like that tonight"
And if your hair's out of your face
I guess it's better off than when it's
to the side
These days I'm living off of, the good of man
I'm a calloused thief, one of the many damned
Yet I stand here like a fortress, so cloaked and cryptic settling like houses.
Oh and I am one more breath from cynical, holding it until that feeling passes.
Catching my breath, not losing it yet.
It's hard to forget with all that I'm said to be.
You'll get back to me.
Something's tearing at my peace of mind
Now I'm drinking coffee for a cheaper high
And as my hair turns to silver, the slivers of myself will stand divided
Oh, I'll take a sad one or two or three and contemplate until I have decided
Call me reckless to abandon love
All this want for nothing and I still can't touch, anything of worth or wisdom
Instead I killed the only thing that lasted
Oh, you are a sly one, I'll cripple you, shake your branches harder than the last did
Love is sunk and lost again
Track Name: Do It Again
I got my neck shaved
You got a reason to live
We both got what we want
You're such a sweet thing
And I'm a bastard
We're both stuck in a rut
So while the calendar thins and you're losing your gripI'll believe it when you say it but know you'll slip
You did it once you'll do it again
You're on fire
You've got a long trip
I've got my reasons to quit
We're only growing apart
So now you're selling your things, learning hard what it means
To get a solid grip on loving anybody but me
The passing of an era, the second hand ticks
But you keep carrying the weight of what you can't fix
But now you're feeling small
When you say my name,
Do you say it the same as when you gave it to me?
Or somewhere along the way
Did it get faded and worn beyond compare and belief
Now it turns out
You saved up enough to outlive me now
You did it somehow.
Saved up enough to get rid of me now
Track Name: Brushfire
I had a dream where we both ended up getting caught in a brushfire
The ring that surrounded us ten feet taller than you
You were getting sick at the thought sight and sound of what transpired
I was getting tired of wondering what’s the use
We could write a book on the rise and the fall of an empire
Make a new law for each and every excuse
The cavalry will call as your face turns pale and you retire
Sink to the floor and pray for something to do
Let’s cut out the middle man
He’s the only man I can’t stand
Nothing ever makes any sense
Nothing ever goes like we planned
I think I know, that I sink too low, don't I know, don't I know.
Wake up
You’ve been living your whole life
Just looking through the blinds
You’re leaving yourself behind
Make up
A reason to be alive
A reason to just get by
You're leaving yourself behind
I was wondering how it felt this time to be honest
When you dragged yourself to the street to say what you'd seen
Sweating to death in the backyard denying to comment
And opening up for everybody to see
Everything I pray for gets sold on the TV
With a dotted line, and a credit card I’m buying happy
I don’t discuss myself enough, the thought of it disgusts me
Everything I hope for isn’t always what it seems
All the legwork put into pride is proving overwhelming
Talk me down I just need a second to breathe
Track Name: Gone
It left a note inside my head
The parts of you we loved are dead
And while I'll sit beside your bed
You my friend are gone
With all that we grew to expect
We blurred the lines of self respect
The rumors preach of our neglect
To prove the point we're wrong
The worst part of living through a disaster
Is waiting around until it happens again
It seems the worst part of being stuck with an answer
Is knowing not to ask the question again
You grabbed my wrist, you said to me
We're twenty-six and all I see
Are shells of who I thought we'd be
Now that you are gone
We took some time, we shook it out
We brushed it off but still this doubt
Keeps echoing without the sound
Reminding me I'm wrong
The worst part of living through a disaster
Is waiting around until it happens again
It seems the worst part of being stuck with an answer
Is knowing not to ask the question again
I'm sick of doing enough to just get comfortable
I want to be vulnerable
I want to be miserable
I want to not let the light in, despite the habit I've been in
Of talking about the time that's on my mind
I'm buried here six feet beneath my lack of confidence
With your crooked smile still next to me asking "that's all there is?"

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