Hypocrites B​/​W 3 Months

by The Color and Sound

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released August 31, 2018


all rights reserved


Track Name: Hypocrites [Demo]
It's my fault you are the way you are
You stay when they cut you down
Then kiss with a bloody mouth, so i
Check off my box to tell you off
Tonight I'm a decent man
Without any decent plan

When you're cupping your ear
to the door do you hear me say
God it just feels so good
When I tuck it all away
Alarming but only enough to predict what you're going to say
I swore I loved you but I promised
Not to break
Send me out and don't look back
A shame you're still intact enough to fall

Alright that's fine I'll wait outside
There's nothing I could've done
When sorry is not enough so I
I'll dodge your calls until you stop
Tonight I'm the antichrist
To feed off of your advice

When you talk to yourself
Do you care who is listening
God if you can't win now
I'm not sure it'll happen again
Your smile is so disarming
Begging the question within
If you don't love me now
Did you ever love me then
But it's too cold to stay outside
I beg you not to drive me back home

Tomorrow I'll go out and enjoy myself alone
Give me a reason to insult my weary judgement on the phone
And I will re erect my fragile state
Ignore the damage you have made
And fight to tear you down till my last breath

Sick to death of all you hypocrites
Track Name: 3 Months [Demo]
Talking to god
Talking to anyone
Who understands why I did what I did
It's been three long months and I'm ready to start
Again with it all
With my back to the wall
And no sense of responsibility
It's been three long months
Are you having fun again

Now I wake up
Stuck in a rut
Hating what I know that I should be
When you look back it's easy to see
Just where you went wrong
What you knew all along
And still feel lost almost entirely
It's been three long months
Are you having fun
Have you found someone to be

I can't fight this sinking feeling
I might like to be alone
Search myself for deeper meaning
High on the couch in my parents' home
One low thought and I go reeling
Lately every thought is low
I can't fight the sinking feeling
If I never ask then I'll never know

Talking to god
Talking to anyone
That understands why I did what I did
It's been three long months
Are you having fun again

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